DGE has focused on Research from the beginning of its establishment. These are some projects at the Department of Geomatics Engineering, in collaboration with organizations like ICIMOD, CIMMYT Nepal, and NEAEC.

SN Name of the Project Funding Agency Project Partner Status
1 Strengthening Geospatial Infrastructure and Research Capacity at Kathmandu University NASA (through ICIMOD)   Successfully Completed
2 Estimation of Above Ground Forest Biomass and Carbon Stock Using UAV Images NASA (through ICIMOD)   Successfully Completed
3 Maize Biomass Estimation Using Images from Unmanned Platform using Consumer Grade RGB Camera UGC The International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) Ongoing
4 Inspection of transmission line infrastructure for Bhaktapur-Baneshwor-Patan-66 kV Transmission Line Upgradation Project NEA Engineering Company   Successfully Completed
5 Survey and mapping of Jagdulla Hydro-Electric Project NEA Engineering Company   Successfully Completed
6 GeoNode Project World Bank Ongoing

Geospatial Lab and ICIMOD started an innovative approach to a heritage information archive of Kathmandu metropolitan city. The app has a limited field as it is taken as a means to capture spatial features (geotag heritage and it’s an image) in order to create a spatial database of the post and pre-earthquake merging with the digitized paper-based reports.

Earthquake Building Damage Assessment using UAV

A team from the Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering went out to the Kuttal village of Dhulikhel municipality, and Panga and Itagol of Kirtipur municipality to collect the data about the damage caused due to devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015.

Preliminary Damage Assessment Map of Kuttal Village with mosaicked image

Use of UAV in Crop Health Monitoring

A farmer or agronomist can program a UAV to fly a directed path whenever they want. This allows a crop to be monitored for things that might be of interest in the growth of the plant.

Project Site
For the details about the project one can visit the blog of Geospatial Lab at Kathmandu University.